Find Your New Best Friend
Debbie's Yorkshire Terriers
Yorkies aren't my whole life, but they make my life whole.
Health Guarantee

All puppies are guaranteed healthy when they leave our home, a licensed veterinarian has inspected the puppies and it is found to be healthy and sound and that is not showing signs of infectious, contagious and /or communicable diseases. 
However your veterinarian must see this puppy with in 72 hours of pick up in order to validate my Contract and Health Guarantee.  
A copy of proof of such examination must be sent to me within 10 business days of picking up puppy.
​In the event that a hereditary defect (life threatening) is found which develops to the extent that the puppy must be euthanized before the age of one (1) a replacement puppy with be offered to the buyer as soon as one becomes available  of equal value. (No Money shall be refunded) 

​I put alot of time and effort into breeding and raising healthy, good quality, and well socialize babies, once the baby leaves my home you must do your part to ensure this puppies well being. 
​It is not a toy, or an accessory, it is a baby depending on you for his/her well being. 
​I provide a puppy manual (based on my years of experience) PLEASE read it !!   I am always available to answer any questions you may have, PLEASE call me. 
​Your new puppy is very special to me and will forever have a part of my heart. I held your puppy the second it took its first breath. I saw its first steps and looked into those gorgeous eyes when they first opened.  I want you to know that I am here for you not only as the breeder that your puppy came from but also as a friend and someone I hope that you will call upon in the future for any questions, concerns, or just wonderful updates ! 

​Enjoy your new puppy adventure !!!!